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Do you use a mobile phone? Make a call, send SMS. At some point you realize that the opportunities that laid the manufacturer of your phone you will get little, and you begin to install any additional software. But, often, of the program you want is not in sight, or it is not compatible with your mobile phone. Or maybe it is paid - and oh, how you pay do not want.

I too was in that situation, I recognize any of this. Out of this situation was found quickly - I started writing software for phones that I needed. And began to share with others.

I offer you a large number of programs in Java ME (which will work on most regular phones, as well as on the phones with the Symbian OS and Bada) and Android.

If you have any comments, ideas for new programs, proposals for collaboration - I am happy to read them. Contact all your questions, you can convenient way for you in the Contact section.

The following quote links to resources from which you can download my program.

Best Regards, Valeriy Skachko

Java ME (Bada, Symbian)
  1. Opera Software
  2. Mobango
  3. Mobile 9
  4. Mobiles 24
  1. Google Play
  2. SlideMe
  3. Opera Software
  4. Mobango
  5. Mobile 9
  6. Mobiles 24